PUMA x Liberty
For over a hundred years, Liberty has been an icon of British retail
and an aspirational symbol of good taste thanks to its considered
collections of fashion, fabrics and objets d'arts. They continue to
build on their rich legacy through inspiring design, cultural
collaborations, and a progressive portfolio of beautiful prints.
For FW21, PUMA and Liberty come together for the first
time on a contemporary, blossom-filled collection that
fuses the famed department store's iconic prints with
PUMA's signature sportswear silhouettes and sneakers.
Two delicate wild-flower prints compliment a refined
palette of green gable, birch and georgiapeach,
adorning kimonos, trackpants, and graphic tees, as
well as sportswear essentials such as leotards and
training tanks, and accessories. Underpinning the
whole collaboration is a collection of sneakers made
up of the Cruise Rider, the Wild Rider,
and other every-day favourites.
Q&A with Fisayo Longe
Creative director of Kai Collective

Who inspires you to defy the odds?
When I was in secondary school one of my friends was
in a plane crash and she was one of two survivors.
She's going on to be a finalist in America's Got Talent
and is now a recording artist. I really admire not only
her physical strength but also her emotional strength
and her ambition.

What is success to you?
Success to me is peace of mind. Peace of mind to me
is just the absence of fear and worry. For me that
involves financial freedom, healthy relationships, and
just happiness and realising my biggest goals.

What is the key to always growing?
To always keep an open mind and never say never.
Q&A with Emma Breschi
Model, activist and changemaker at UN Women UK

Who inspires you to defy the odds?
I think women, black women, indigenous people,
people of colour, queer people, everyone in the LGBTQ
community. Everyone paving the way for a brighter
future, those people inspire me.

What do you tell yourself when you are feeling vulnerable?
Drink some water, your liver probably needs it. Or
just go to sleep.

What is the key to always growing?
The key to always growing, is to not be afraid to
make mistakes.

Four words to describe you.
How about five words? Stay at home dog mom.
Drawing inspiration from the unique beauty and unconstrained nature of wild flowers, the collection is designed to empower the powerful and fearless women who boldy embrace their wild.
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