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At PUMA, we believe comfort shouldn’t be compromised when designing stylish casual wear. Step up your cosy game with the best of both worlds: our collection of women's joggers.  Whether you want to elevate your homewear or get ready for a quick workout, our Fit Tech Knitted Training sweatpants for women work well for both situations....

At PUMA, we believe comfort shouldn’t be compromised when designing stylish casual wear. Step up your cosy game with the best of both worlds: our collection of women's joggers. 

Whether you want to elevate your homewear or get ready for a quick workout, our Fit Tech Knitted Training sweatpants for women work well for both situations. Prepare for your weekend adventures with our trendy high-waist joggers for women, or work out without distraction in our CLOUDSPUN training joggers on warmer days. 

Our range of pants offers stylish options in cotton mixes, perfect to pair with a t-shirt and jacket on those days you want to keep your fit simple. With PUMA, enjoy both style and comfort, no matter what the occasion. 

Mindful Designs for the Active Woman

To focus on performance, you need to be wearing sweatpants that fit well and are made of breathable fabrics. Our women's track pants help you move in the right direction using cutting-edge design and well-tailored fits designed specifically for the female shape. 

Even if you don’t need to be primed for the track, our designs are perfect for a fashionable but snug night out at the movies or a quick grocery run. Try our French Terry training pants for a morning meditation or a road trip. PUMA’s joggers aim to bring versatility to your wardrobe without compromising on design. 

What Is the Difference Between Joggers and Sweatpants?

PUMA has different styles of joggers to suit your lifestyle and activity levels. While there are several names for a good pair of bottoms, they can usually be sorted into two categories: sweatpants and joggers. Read on to learn more about the differences between these two. 


Joggers are a wardrobe staple and are generally more lightweight than sweatpants. With sweat wick dryCELL technology, PUMA joggers for women are perfect for athletic activities whilst still being comfortable, making them ideal for running errands, lounging at home, or even dressing up with a nice jacket and a clean pair of kicks. 

Boasting lined side pockets and drawstrings for a personalised fit, these fashionable bottoms offer unparalleled performance no matter what activity you’re participating in. Make sure you're always stepping in style when out and about with PUMA joggers.


While joggers tend to be a blend of light fabrics like polyester and spandex and fit around the lower legs much more tightly than sweatpants, sweatpants are usually made of thick fleece or cotton and come in baggier cuts. 

It's no surprise that women’s sweatpants are a go-to clothing item as they're both practical and comfortable. They provide ease of movement and keep you feeling relaxed all day long. Our sweatpants feature fun prints and styles so that you can switch it up when you hit the streets. 

Whether you’re out on a run or enjoying a quiet night in, PUMA’s seamless sweatpants can do it all. So if you're looking for something reliable, stylish and relaxed – make sure to check out the latest selection of PUMA's women's sweatpants.

Go full-on cosy with snug sweatpants or dress up with tailored joggers – either way,  you'll look fabulous with PUMA.

How Do You Look Classy in Women’s Joggers? 

To style women’s joggers, pair them with an oversized t-shirt or a fitted tank to strike the perfect balance between comfort and fashion. Accessorise with a sweatshirt and your favourite watch, or add a pair of Extent Nitro Cordura sneakers and a padded jacket for an elevated look. With all these options and more, it’s no surprise that PUMA joggers are conquering closets in Australia.

What Are the Most Popular PUMA Sweatpants for Women?

Even though all of our pants pass the style check, a few of them sit at the top of the charts and for good reason. Let’s talk about your favourites: 

Essential Knitted Women's Sweat Pants 

This classic pair of sweatpants is a must-have for all closets. Perfect for a warm-up or a jog, you can stay comfy all day with the ribbed waistband and regular fit. The style comes in a variety of colours, so it’s easy to find one that suits your wardrobe. 

PUMA x VOGUE Collection 

Blend your gym style with the runway and jump into these 100% cotton pants from the fashion giant. Featuring an elastic waistband with drawcords and side-lined pockets, you can punch through speed bags at the gym in comfort. 

PWRSHAPE Woven Women's Golf Pants

Bring your best swing to the game with PUMA’s PWRSHAPE collection of golf pants. With dryCELL technology and miDori® bio-based finishing serum, you can enjoy your rounds while staying clean and comfortable. Enjoy a snug fit on the tee with PUMA’s premier golf pants. 

Should Women’s Sweatpants Be Loose or Tight?

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and finding the right pant fit can make a world of difference in how you look and feel. Today’s joggers come in many styles and fabrics, from light polyester for breezy movements to thick heavy-weight cotton for colder weather. A drawstring waist can accentuate petite hips, while elastic leg cuffs complement a larger leg structure. With so many silhouettes available, find stylish joggers to fit your body shape with PUMA. 

Whether you're wearing them to lounge around or break a sweat on the track, you'll surely appreciate the functionality and comfort that track pants offer. Try out our different sizes and cuts at PUMA to find a pair that flatters your curves and makes you feel good. Elevate your day with PUMA and find clothing that suits your style and personality. Shop the full range now.  

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