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Put the pedal to the metal and satisfy your need for speed with PUMA’s range of motorsport gear. Wear your heart on your sleeve – or sweatpants, baseball cap, and car racing shoes – with licensed BMW M Motorsport, Mercedes AMG-Petronas, Porsche, and Scuderia Ferrari footwear and apparel. Our tees, polos, shorts, pants and racing car...

Put the pedal to the metal and satisfy your need for speed with PUMA’s range of motorsport gear. Wear your heart on your sleeve – or sweatpants, baseball cap, and car racing shoes – with licensed BMW M Motorsport, Mercedes AMG-Petronas, Porsche, and Scuderia Ferrari footwear and apparel.

Our tees, polos, shorts, pants and racing car shoes are worn by the world’s top team motorsport crews. Now it’s your turn. Take your performance to the next level with precision-engineered car racing shoes and versatile tees, hoodies, and motorsport jackets. 

What Are Motorsport Shoes?

Between training and racing, motorsport drivers spend countless hours behind the wheel. So, much like any sporting professional, their shoes need to be comfortable and provide crucial traction.

While once upon a time, professional motorsport drivers wore ordinary casual sneakers, PUMA’s entry into the world of motorsport changed everything. During the ‘70s, drivers faced significant danger every time they strapped themselves behind the wheel, with high-speed crashes and fires all too common. 

PUMA became the first sports brand on a Formula One racetrack in the ‘80s when we designed racing shoes for motorsport legend Stefan Bellof. Our earliest car racing shoes prioritised safety and protection while providing the mobility and pedal grip required by those athletes looking to cement their names in the history books, an approach that continues to this day.

For professional and casual footwear that delivers support, grip, and comfort, choose PUMA. 

What Is The Point Of Racing Shoes?

Over the years, Formula One has had its fair share of nail-biting finishes. But, in a sport that’s all about seconds, few people stop to consider the impact that shoes can have on performance. Our car racing shoes are specifically designed to maximise comfort whilst offering grip and protection for high-speed moments.

Of course, driving isn’t all about speed, particularly when you’re behind the wheel of a regular vehicle. Our range of racing shoes can be worn as streetwear for casual driving, providing the comfort and support to navigate everything the road throws at you.

Take the Mercedes F1 Ridge Cat Motorsports Shoes, for example. With a sleek, aerodynamic upper and EVA foam heel insert, your feet will feel well in control of curves and corners.   

Whether you’re behind the wheel or headed to the track to support your favourite team, our range of racing car shoes will get you where you want to go.

Why Do Formula One Drivers Wear Special Shoes?

Formula One cars are the fastest regulated road-course racing cars in the world, and drivers routinely reach unimaginable speeds.

In this high-stakes environment, every gram you add to the weight of a car matters. Therefore, all aspects of a driver’s outfit, from their gloves to their racing shoes, must be as lightweight as possible. Comfort is also vital, and race car shoes should fit seamlessly not to distract the driver from the important task at hand. 

With decades of experience working with top drivers, we design for unparalleled safety and protection. 

Do Racing Shoes Really Make A Difference?

In the world of professional motorsport, every decision – right down to the shoes a driver wears – is made to maximise speed and control.

Crews aiming to have their driver start at pole position can’t afford to overlook any aspect of their performance, including how an outfit supports or hinders driving ability. From our earliest race car shoes, including the 1981 SpeedCat OG, now available to purchase as the SpeedCat LS Sneakers, to today, our racing car shoes have been refined over many decades to ensure they are of maximum benefit to the driver.  

Of course, you don’t have to be a professional race car driver to pull on a pair of our racing shoes. Anyone who takes their driving seriously — or dresses to impress — and is looking for a sports shoe that provides comfort and control should gear up with PUMA footwear.

Are Racing Shoes Comfortable?

Our range of racing shoes combines precision engineering and style to offer maximum comfort. Whether behind the wheel or standing in the pitlane, comfort significantly impacts performance, which is why we strive to design racing shoes that fit like a second skin. 

Consider the BMW M Motorsport RDG Cat Motorsport Shoes, for example. The EVA foam heel insert offers comfortable cushioning, while the low profile and streamlined silhouette will have you looking like your favourite high-speed driver.

If comfort is important to you, the Scuderia Ferrari IONSpeed Motorsport Shoes are another excellent option. Co-created with Scuderia Ferrari, the ProFoam midsole of the IONSpeed Motorsport Shoes provides cushioning and responsiveness, while the PU-moulded wing-shaped heel counter offers additional support.  

Shop For Car Racing Shoes With PUMA

As one of the world’s leading sports brands, PUMA has long been a driving force in pushing performance forward across track, field, and every surface in between. 

We’ve collaborated with the biggest names in motorsport, including Mercedes-AMG Petronas, Scuderia Ferrari, Porsche, and BMW M Motorsport, to develop comfortable, high-performing footwear and apparel for those sitting behind the wheel and cheering on trackside.

Display your allegiance proudly with our range of licensed products built for speed and style. 

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