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When training, you always want to put your best foot forward. Go in with a good mindset, ready to tackle your workout head-on. But you can’t do that without the correct gear – especially shoes. With the wrong shoes, you'll be more focused on the discomfort than your workout – and no one wants that. At...

When training, you always want to put your best foot forward. Go in with a good mindset, ready to tackle your workout head-on. But you can’t do that without the correct gear – especially shoes. With the wrong shoes, you'll be more focused on the discomfort than your workout – and no one wants that.

At PUMA, we pride ourselves on crafting women’s gym shoes that help you run faster, train harder and jump higher. Our gym shoes for women are designed with the latest technologies for maximum cushioning to keep your feet comfortable and supported when you’re smashing out those reps. With a range of designs and styles, PUMA has something for whatever workout you choose – from high intensity interval training (HIIT) to boxing or simply hitting the treadmill.

Our selection of women's training shoes is specifically designed to help you leave your limits behind and push further than ever before. They offer superior traction, cushioning and a lightweight feel that will keep you agile on your feet, leaving you to focus on the most important thing: your workout. So take the leap with PUMA and find the gym shoes that are right for you. Browse our range today and take your training sessions to new heights.

Are Women's Training Shoes Different to Men's?

Some people think the only difference between women's gym shoes and men's is colour and aesthetic. This isn't the case. Generally speaking, women and men have different support needs, and PUMA has something for everyone.

Women's training shoes are designed with the female foot in mind. They feature a narrower, smaller fit compared to men's. Wider at the toes and forefoot area with a narrower heel, the shape of our women's shoes provides better support and stability for female feet. If you’re unsure of your size, you can find your perfect fit using PUMA’s size chart.

At PUMA, our women’s gym shoes are specifically designed to give you maximum cushioning and traction during your training sessions. With a range of styles available, PUMA has the  perfect shoe to let you focus on smashing out those reps without any distractions.

What Are Women's Training Shoes Used For?

Women's gym shoes are designed for a range of activities and training styles. No matter what gets you moving, our training shoes are there with you every step of the way. Whether you're running, getting busy in the gym or making the most of a cross training combo. At PUMA, we're driven by the purpose of supplying great athletes with great training shoes.

There are different types of women's training shoes out there. Depending on your workout of choice, the type of shoe you pick will vary. If hitting the pavement or treadmill and running to your heart's content is for you, a women's running shoe is what you need. Our running shoes are equipped with a snug upper, technology and padding that provides a softer wear, along with unbelievable traction. You'll be able to take each stride with confidence and comfort – no matter the distance.

If hitting the gym is more your scene, our training shoes are what you need. Women's gym shoes from PUMA are able to handle explosive workouts. The high support and ultra-thin TPU frame is perfect for high-intensity workouts. Our training shoes also feature the PUMA Formstrip, there to provide additional support and help prevent injury.

PUMA's Best Workout Shoes For Women

At PUMA, we supply a range of women's gym shoes that are designed to help you reach your fitness goals. From High Intensity Interval Training to killing it on the treadmill, there's something for everyone in our collection.

If you're not sure which PUMA women's gym shoes are for you, don't stress. Here are some of our best workout shoes:

Softride Sophia

Feminine and stylish for any woman athlete who takes pride in her appearance. The Softride Sophia Slip-on Running Shoes are perfect for every run. Our Softride foam technology is specially designed to cushion your feet and keep you going that extra kilometre.

Forever XT

The Forever XT's engineered knit upper and textile sockliner makes this shoe a comfortable, lightweight option for the gym. A PROFOAMLITE midsole gives ultimate cushioning, so you can move freely like the athlete you are.

PWRFrame TR Deco Glam

These training shoes will fuel your workout. The PWRFrame TR Deco Glam are designed to withstand high-impact workouts, so you can take your training to the next level. With PWRFrame construction technology for extra forefoot support, your workout will go on for hours.

Fuse 2.0

Fuse is back, and it's better. The Fuse 2.0 defies limits and allows you to push boundaries. Its internal midsole provides low-to-ground shock absorption, and has a TPU clip wrapped around the back heel, offering additional support. Workout in style with Fuse 2.0.

Cell Fraction

Support, cushioning and the perfect fit are all captured in Cell Fraction. Its rubber outsole provides extra grip, so you can hit the track with ease. Cell Fraction gets its name from its cell-like structure, and stable support while you workout.

Take on your next gym session with confidence. At PUMA, we design women's training shoes that will help you push even harder. Browse the collection today and unlock your potential.

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