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PUMA Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Nothing compares to the snug and warm feeling of wearing a hoodie on colder days, especially after a solid workout. PUMA sweatshirts and hoodies help you get moving and bring the burn to your next workout session.  Designed for movement, PUMA hoodies work well for any occasion, whether it is going on a day trip or...

Nothing compares to the snug and warm feeling of wearing a hoodie on colder days, especially after a solid workout. PUMA sweatshirts and hoodies help you get moving and bring the burn to your next workout session. 

Designed for movement, PUMA hoodies work well for any occasion, whether it is going on a day trip or heading to the gym. Pair it with a classic pair of PUMA sneakers and a dad cap, and you're ready to hit the streets.

Your Gear for Everyday Wear

Everyone needs a well-made hoodie in their rotation. PUMA men's sweatshirts and hoodies are excellent additions to your wardrobe as streetwear outfits. Ribbed cuffs and cutting-edge fabric technology make these men's hoodies comfortable enough to wear at home and during outdoor activities.   

Need something to wear to your warmup? The dryCELL technology of this EVOSTRIPE sweatshirt will wick away all the sweat and keep you dry and warm during those energising workouts with your mates. 

No matter your style, pick a favourite from PUMA hoodies and find something that'll keep you comfortable all day.

What Are Men's Sweatshirts?

Men’s sweatshirts are a wardrobe staple. They are essentially heavy cotton sweaters and hoodies that keep the body cosy and warm in colder climates while being comfortable enough to support stretching and movement. 

PUMA sweatshirts and hoodies offer comfortable motion and premium cotton detailing to keep you snug while ready for bursts of activity. These items are perfect for a basketball game on a cold morning or a late-night run to the grocery store. 

At PUMA, you can choose between zip-ups, pullovers or hooded sweatshirts that all come with our classic cat logo and unique features for each style. Check out the styles now.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Men’s Sweatshirt?


Choose sweatshirts that have ribbed cuffs, as this allows you to have more active movements without your sleeves getting in the way. The Scuderia Ferrari Race Hooded Men's Sweat Jacket showcases that perfectly, along with a vibrant, racing-inspired design, to add to the style factor. The style also includes a zip-up, three-piece hood that offers extra protection during those windy days at practice. 


When choosing a hoodie for workouts, pick one that fits closer to the body to allow you to perform explosive movements without hindering your pace. 

On the other hand, we suggest getting a size up or two if you’re planning to get cosy and warm. 

The Essentials+ Two-Tone Big Logo Crew Neck Men's Sweater is a great style for both fits. The cotton and recycled textile blend gives this PUMA classic a bump in how soft and comfortable the fit is, making it look as good as you feel. 

What Materials Are Commonly Used for Men’s Sweatshirts?

Cotton and polyester blends are common raw materials used in making PUMA sweatshirts and hoodies. This breathable mix, paired with our cutting-edge textile technology, helps keep you fresh throughout the day. The Essentials Elevated Men's Hoodie is a perfect example of a blended textile hoodie that’s perfect for a long drive or a quick workout session at home.  

If you’re looking for something that will keep you dry through rewarding outdoor workout sessions, the SEASONS men's trail running half-zip pullover is perfect for tackling wet conditions. This 100% polyester PUMA sweatshirt has a water-repellent shell thanks to our rainCELL polypropylene fibres, so you can perform your best, no matter what the season. 

For those rest day yoga sessions, the Studio Plastic-Free men's training hoodie comes in clutch with its viscose cotton blends. Paired with our dryCELL tech, which wicks away moisture, this sweatshirt is perfect for a good stretch and hanging out with your friends after. 

What Styles of Men’s Sweatshirts Are Available?

Take your workout to the next level with these PUMA sweatshirt styles: 


The classic winter staple is a popular style in our ranges. Whether you choose to go with the pullover or zip-up hoodies, you can be sure the PUMA hoodie will keep you feeling comfortable and warm throughout the day. 


For the slightly upscale casual look, the Luxe v-neck sport sweater provides comfort while looking stylish. Pair this versatile number with a fresh set of jeans and some PUMA kicks, and you’re good to go. 

Crew Neck 

Crew necks are globally iconic. PUMA sweatshirt styles are a perfect match with this versatile design, making your pullovers easy to pair with jeans or sweatpants. 

Can Men’s Sweatshirts Be Worn Outside of Casual Occasions?

Sweatshirts can be an excellent piece for casual comfort when appropriately styled. PUMA hoodies have been designed so that you can pair them with virtually anything to create an effortless, low-key look. 

The Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport men's hooded jacket is perfect for supporting the iconic company while flexing your fit. Balancing contemporary styles with its ergonomic stitches and zip-up hood, this classic hoodie is a must-have.

How Do I Care for My Men’s Sweatshirt?

Add years to the lifespan of your sweatshirt by following these easy tips from PUMA. 

  • You can wear a sweatshirt more than a couple of times before washing. Putting it in the washing machine less often keeps the fibres and overall look of the fabric colourful and bright. 
  • If you’ve got a stain on it, treat it immediately to loosen the dirt particles in the fabric. Add a splash of vinegar to the spot and let it sit for an hour before running it through a cold wash. 
  • Although our sweatshirts are made from anti-pilling technology, you can further prevent this by turning your hoodies inside out. 

Check out the entire collection today to find your favourite PUMA sweatshirt. For more information, check out our comprehensive FAQ on our website today.

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