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Running Accessories

Dominate your run and hit the ground with confidence. Kick off your run with running equipment and accessories that get you ready for your run, every single time.  Whether you’re starting a running routine, running regularly, or are an ultramarathon runner, you need running gear that can help you push your goals. The right equipment can...

Dominate your run and hit the ground with confidence. Kick off your run with running equipment and accessories that get you ready for your run, every single time. 

Whether you’re starting a running routine, running regularly, or are an ultramarathon runner, you need running gear that can help you push your goals. The right equipment can take your practice further, so you run farther. Pull up your socks, tighten your shoelaces, grab that water bottle and get ready to head out. 

PUMA running accessories bring the A-game every time. The range of running caps, socks and water bottles are accessories that easily find their way into your routine. Stay as active as you wanna be! Whatever your routine, we have the right gear for you. 

Ready, set, run!

What equipment do I need to start running?

Running is one of the easiest activities to start with if you want a more active lifestyle. While it may seem like just getting running shoes and clothes might be enough, it is always a good idea to invest in quality running accessories that can make every run more productive and enjoyable. 

Apart from running shoes and comfortable clothes, we recommend starting with the right pair of socks. The right running socks can make a world of difference to your run. Made with soft, breathable fabric and extra cushioning, running socks help your feet just as much as the right running shoes. 

Add to this, a running cap. The PUMA range of running caps has some with a moisture-wicking mesh sweatband that keeps you feeling fresh while you work up a sweat. They are an important piece of equipment for outdoor runners as running caps keep the elements like sun, wind and rain out of your face. Function-forward caps that keep you looking your absolute best — that’s the PUMA way!

Once you have your runningwear on, time to grab a water bottle and head out. A water bottle is necessary to stay hydrated and is recommended for runners of every level. 

What type of socks do I need for running? 

Socks are an everyday basic, but your regular socks may not be the best choice for running. 

Running socks go a step further to prepare your feet for a workout. They need to be made from soft cloth that doesn’t irritate the skin and gives you a soft feel, like cotton or a cotton blend. 

Do running socks make a difference?

Using running socks can absolutely make a difference to your run. Running is a high-impact exercise and the right running socks can add a layer of comfort and protection to your feet. 

PUMA running socks come with an added air channel for ventilation to repel moisture. To this, we add some extra cushioning in the sole for underfoot support and protection. This layer of protection can prevent blisters around the ball of your foot and the heels. Lastly, PUMA running socks have arch support that gives them a better fit and prevents them from slipping. 

How to pick the right running socks?

Athletes and pro-runners choose running socks for comfort and to absorb moisture. However, if you are new to running and are overwhelmed by all the options for running socks, here are some things to look out for that can help you make a decision:


Just like with running shoes, it is important to find socks in the right size. Too small and your feet and toes will feel constricted. Too loose and the socks may slip off your ankle while running. When you buy new running shoes, try them on with your running socks to get an exact idea of the fit and feel of your running gear.


For any kind of exercise, it’s best to choose socks that are softer and breathable. The material should be soft and should be able to wick moisture so your feet stay dry. PUMA running socks are made with soft cotton that feels comfortable and has a cushioned sole for extra comfort. 


Your running socks have a functional purpose, but they should also make you look as good as you feel. Match your socks with your running shoes and clothes, and step out looking your personal best. Find PUMA running socks in different colours.

Why do I need a running cap?

For runners of all abilities, running caps are a must-have accessory. Whether you’re running on the track, on footpaths, or running up trails, you need to stay dry and weather-protected. PUMA running caps are designed to support you in going the extra distance. They protect your face from the sun, wind and rain. You cannot set personal records if you’re squinting your eyes during your run. Structured buckram and adjustable elastic closure can adapt to the shape of your head without feeling heavy on your head. 

And for the runners that prefer treadmills, running caps are for you too! Moisture-wicking interior mesh sweatband keeps you dry while you run and keeps sweat out of your eyes. And for those with longer hair, you know there’s nothing worse than hair getting in your eyes. Tame your locks with the ponytail cut-out at the back. 

Who doesn’t want to look good when they’re out on a run? Running caps are a fashion-forward and practical accessory for both men and women. And with the signature PUMA branding, you’ll look cool while you rack up those miles. 

Do I need a water bottle for running?

Staying hydrated is essential to a healthy workout, especially during the warmer months. Unless you can find a water fountain on your running route, it is recommended that you carry a bottle so you have water handy. How much water you need will depend on the intensity and length of your run. 

PUMA has lightweight water bottles of different capacities to add to your run and take you farther with each step.

How can I carry my water bottle during a run?

Running water bottles come in different sizes and capacities. Your water bottle can be handheld, like this training water bottle. It’s a lightweight, soft-squeeze bottle with a push-pull water nozzle that makes hydrating simple and quick. 

For long-distance runs, you might not want to carry a bottle in hand. Keep yourself hands-free with this waist bag. Add a smaller water bottle to your waist bag, making it easy to grab a drink on the go. Adjustable closures and plenty of pockets mean that all of your belongings will be stored securely while you break records. 

Shop for running accessories at PUMA

PUMA’s running accessories for men and women are designed to take your run to the next level. Make each run enjoyable with the simple, yet practical additions to your run. Pick the right accessories to match your style from PUMA’s online store or visit a store near you. 

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