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PUMA Men Running Shoes

Dominate your run! When you’re trying to beat that next personal record, every second counts. To make sure you’re performing your best, you’ve got to be wearing the best shoes.  PUMA’s selection of running and training shoes for men is the perfect way to raise your own performance. Get ready to be on the track, each and...

Dominate your run!

When you’re trying to beat that next personal record, every second counts. To make sure you’re performing your best, you’ve got to be wearing the best shoes. 

PUMA’s selection of running and training shoes for men is the perfect way to raise your own performance. Get ready to be on the track, each and every single time. 

We know the thrill that comes with running faster and farther. Whether you’re a beginner or a marathon runner, we know that performance-driven running shoes are what you need. Innovative design, blending with durability and comfort, is what PUMA’s running shoes are all about. Push yourself to another level and keep yourself on top of your game, every time!

Think you’ve got what it takes? Get ready to run fast and run long!

What technologies does PUMA apply to running shoes? Feel the boost of NITRO

Every great run starts with smaller steps that prepare you for the next big one. And to progress, you need to perform consistently, so that you get the most out of every rep.

Running shoes from PUMA are crafted with cutting-edge technology to ensure that each step you take is comfortable and supported. To give you the support to run and train in a way that takes you beyond your comfort level, our NITRO FOAM and PUMAGRIP technology work hand in hand. The result is running shoes that are built to maximise your performance. 

NITRO FOAM technology provides comfort and cushioning in a lightweight package that makes sure your feet have stability and support. Add to this, PUMAGRIP technology — a durable rubber compound that is designed for all-surface traction. So whether you’re hitting the tracks, or are out on the streets, trails or grass — nothing will stop you from running with confidence!

How to pick the right running shoes?

Picking the right running shoes is critical to your performance. The right shoes will be able to take care of your feet as you push yourself, while the wrong shoes may set you back. When it comes to running shoes, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The type of shoe that is right for you will depend on the fit, your individual running style and the surface that you are running on. 

For those new to buying running shoes, here are some things to look out for:

Fit of your running shoes

To start with, the most important part of buying the right shoe is the fit. Every shoe fits your foot a certain way and small differences in design can make a big difference. And fit is not the same as size. You can find your regular size, but the way a shoe fits can change the experience of running completely.

When you try on a shoe, try to get a sense of how it feels. Check if your foot feels supported and if you feel balanced with the shoe. Look for a heel that allows for smooth ankle movement and a structure that cradles and protects your ankle. Also, pay attention to how the shoe fits and holds your foot. Your foot should not slip, nor should it be too constricted. Lastly, check the toebox. Look for a wide toebox that allows you to move and flex your toes easily. Shoes that cramp or rub against your toes are not the right fit for you. 

The Aviator ProFoam Sky Running Shoes are light and responsive shoes that offer unparalleled comfort. Featuring a breathable mesh, this is a low boot shoe that offers lockdown support for your foot. The lightweight design will maintain your performance and speed with complete support. 

Running surface

Outsole is where the rubber meets the road in your running shoe. Your outsole is positioned to boost resistance, improve bounce, or increase flexibility. Look for materials that provide traction and durability without adding excessive weight or stiffness. They will give you the right level of stability for the running surface.

The running shoe that can do it all is the Fast-Trac NITRO. A dual foam technology cushions your feet, and the PUMAGRIP ATR outsole is designed for traction on unstable surfaces. So get ready to experience loose trails and don’t be afraid of a little mud, because this shoe will take you on your next adventure.


Pronation is the inward roll of the foot after landing. Most people either have neutral pronation, overpronation, or underpronation. People with neutral pronation land on the outside of their heel and then roll inward slightly. This is considered the ideal type of pronation because it evenly distributes impact throughout the foot. People who overpronate land too far inward on their feet and need a shoe with extra support to prevent injury. People who underpronate land too far outward on their foot and need a shoe with extra cushioning to absorb impact.

To check pronation, try on your shoe and observe how the shoe touches down when you walk. If it rolls into your stride smoothly, then it may be the right shoe for you. A pair of shoes that can turn every step into a high-energy stride is the Retaliate Tongue Men’s Running Shoes. Higher cushioning can absorb impact while making every step comfortable. 

Can running shoes be worn as sneakers?

Simply put, yes! Walking shoes (or sneakers) and running shoes both share the same qualities that make them ideal for stepping out of the house. 

Running shoes can be excellent walking shoes since they are made for high-performance running. Running shoes can come with a lightweight design that keeps you comfy. An upper layer of mesh will allow for more breathability. So if you want to wear your running shoes as sneakers, you can actually use them all day long. 

Running shoes also have enough cushion that can take impact, even if you are wearing them all day long. The SOFTRIDE Vital Running Shoes offer long-lasting comfort, every step of the day. Durable materials mean that this shoe can take you long distances.

How are running shoes different from normal shoes?

Running shoes can be lighter, but they have more cushioning, particularly in the heel and toe. Running is a more demanding sport, so runners need shoes that can absorb impact. The majority of running shoes are built of mesh to make them breathable.

Walking shoes don't need to be as light and breathable, but they do need to have strong arch support. More than impact absorption, walking shoes need to offer stability and help you maintain good balance.

Can I wear running shoes with jeans?

Yes, absolutely! 

Running shoes can easily find their way into your daily wear. They will look great with jeans, especially when styled correctly. Running shoes with plain uppers can go with any casual look, like the black-white or black-black combination of our Incinerate Running Shoes. Or you can go a little bold and let your shoes make a statement. The NRGY Comet Running Shoes come in bright combinations with white that will stand out, wherever you go.

How long do running shoes last? 

Running shoes are long-lasting investments in your journey of being active and physical. While most running shoes are built with durability in mind, an obvious question is how long they will last. An easy answer to this question is that it depends on the quality of your shoe and the training you’re doing. The survival of running shoes is not dependent on how long you’ve had them. Rather, it depends on how much distance you have covered and how intensely you use them. 

You can start to see normal wear and tear in running shoes once you’ve reached the 400-500 km mark. But does this mean that your running shoes need to be replaced? Not necessarily. 

When should you replace your running shoes?

A good sign that your shoes may need replacing is if your shoe soles have worn down and the grip has loosened. You can also look into replacing your running shoes if you’ve had them for a while and you’re noticing that your feet get sore or tired after a run. 

Can I wear running shoes for hiking?

If you want your running shoes to double up for hiking, you can definitely use them. Running shoes can keep your feet happy and get you out on the trail. Running shoes that can also be used for hiking should have higher traction and toe protection and need to be weather resistant. Higher traction will give you a better grip so that you don’t slip on gravel or muddy surfaces. A running shoe with toe protection can protect your toes from rocks or stumps. A durable upper that is weather resistant will protect your feet on the trail.

Tackle any terrain with Better Foam XTERRA Running Shoes. Downhill dirt, muddy trails or snow, nothing can stand in the way of high performance. 

Why do running shoes have raised heels?

Running is well-known to be a high-impact exercise. Finding the right running shoes is vital so that you can take care of your feet while you push yourself. Running shoes have a design that can maximise your performance while taking sufficient care of your feet and legs. 

You would have noticed that running shoes can come with raised heels. Lifting the heel can reduce the force and strain in the Achilles tendon while running. It can stabilise your stride and help you with balance while you run.

Does PUMA have arch support in running shoes? 

Yes, PUMA’s running shoes come with built-in arch support that can prevent common running-related issues and injuries. 

The Deviate NITRO takes you on longer, high-performance runs with more stability and support. A breathable, form-fitting shoe, the Deviate NITRO is a great example of innovation meeting opportunity,

Where To Buy PUMA Running Shoes?

Strong runners become champions by taking that first step and not giving up. Make the choice of picking the right pair of shoes to support your feet as you work towards your goals. 

Pick the right pair to match your training and style from PUMA’s online store or visit a store near you. Head to our online store to get Australia-wide free shipping for orders over $100.

PUMA’s running shoes for men are designed to keep you comfortable and strong through every run. Browse through our collection and order today!


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