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Trail Running

Rugged and ready for the trail, always. Get ready to celebrate the great outdoors with trail running shoes from PUMA.  When the road gets wilder and you need to push harder, know that your shoes are as ready for adventure as you are! As you take your exercise to rocky roads and uneven tracks, choose shoes...

Rugged and ready for the trail, always. Get ready to celebrate the great outdoors with trail running shoes from PUMA. 

When the road gets wilder and you need to push harder, know that your shoes are as ready for adventure as you are! As you take your exercise to rocky roads and uneven tracks, choose shoes that keep you going fast, yet strong and stable. 

Welcome to PUMA’s collection of trail running shoes. No matter how rocky the terrain, you come prepared with shoes that let you push your limits while giving you lasting comfort. This is the equipment you can count on. Feel the mountains under your feet and get ready for the climb. Onwards and upwards!

Can I use regular running shoes on trails?

Do you want to venture off the pavement and into nature? While your regular running shoe can survive the occasional trail run, if you plan on tackling the trails regularly, it would be worth investing in a good trail running shoe. 

The goal behind a sturdy trail running shoe is to give your feet the same amount of comfort and protection, no matter where your adventures take you. The main advantage of a trail running shoe is that it can provide you with more stability and traction. When running over uneven surfaces, your shoes need to grip the surface while giving your feet a stable platform. Running shoes designed for the outdoors can protect your feet, support movement, and give you a good grip as you run uphill and build your strength and endurance.

Before you jump across rocks, weave between trees, and take on nature’s obstacle course, you need to make the right choice for your feet. Choose PUMA!

What is the difference between a running shoe and a trail running shoe?

When your training goes off-road, you will need equipment that takes you farther, faster. And if you move to new terrains, outside the usual bustle and grind of the city or the gym, you will need a different type of shoe, one that is specially designed for uneven trails and rocky paths. 

Your regular running shoe may be a constant companion in your daily life, but when heading outdoors, you need something that can go the length. Even if you have a pair of well-loved running shoes, if you plan on taking up trail running, it would be worth it to invest in a pair of trail running shoes. 

Here are the main differences between regular running shoes and trail running shoes. 


Running shoes normally have flat, smooth outsoles for running on roads and pavements. A smooth outsole ensures that you have sufficient grip while providing enough cushioning to protect your feet. 

On the other hand, trail running shoes typically have larger, softer lugs for improved traction. A trail running shoe will have a soft rubber outsole that can grip softer surfaces better. So if you’re travelling on ice, mud, rain or any uneven surface, your shoe’s outsole can give you a better grip on multiple surfaces. 


The midsoles of road running shoes are typically softer to provide cushioning when your foot hits the pavement. To provide a more solid running platform on unsteady terrain, trail running shoes have stiffer midsoles than running shoes. This creates a stable base for your foot as you move across uneven surfaces. 


The uppers in running shoes are lightweight and breathable. Trail running shoes, on the other hand, have uppers that protect your feet against the elements. Trail running shoes have reinforced uppers that keep dust, mud and debris out of your foot, and protect your toes against stones and gravel.

Choose trail-ready performance with PUMA. You can tackle any terrain and train to win with the Voyage NITRO Trail Running Shoes. A two-part midsole provides under-foot cushioning and responsiveness. The PUMAGRIP rubber outsole provides even traction on ice, mud, and all weather conditions. The OPTIFIT upper secures your foot while keeping out dirt and debris. For the explorer inside you, choose PUMA’s flagship trail running shoe.

Can I wear trail running shoes for running on the pavement?

Do you love mixing things up in your training? Running in the great outdoors for a few days, and hitting the pavement on others? Take your trail runners to the roads!

The main difference between trail running shoes and regular running shoes is that trail runners are sturdier and provide better protection for your foot. The upper can protect your toes, ankle and foot from rain, stones and debris. And the midsole is solid enough to give your foot a stable platform on uneven surfaces. All of these factors can protect your foot while you run on pavements. 

PUMA is ushering in a new generation of trail running shoes with the Fast-Trac NITRO Women’s Running Shoe. This shoe uses the PUMAGRIP ATR technology, a solid and robust rubber compound that is designed for traction on uneven surfaces. The ProFoamLite technology, combined with the NITRO foam, is designed to cushion your landing and propel each step. The lightweight design of these shoes means that they can do it all! Move from the trail to the road and back to the trail easily. 

Can I use trail running shoes for everyday walking?

The short answer to this question is yes! You can absolutely use your trail runners for everyday walking. Take advantage of the sturdy build of trail running shoes and give your feet more support when you walk.  

PUMA’s Fast-Trac NITRO Running Shoes are a revolution in trail running shoes. The signature PUMA foam technology cushions and protects your foot. The lightweight design gives your feet a breathable and easy experience. For the days you want to take your training down a notch, choose shoes that your feet will simply love. 

Do trail running shoes last longer than road shoes?

The magic of training in natural surroundings is just something that the pavement cannot match. Running on trails and building endurance in nature is becoming increasingly popular among novice and experienced runners.

To train and succeed in rugged environments, you need shoes that are tough. Trail running shoes by PUMA are built to thrive on any terrain. But this does not necessarily mean that their lifespan is different from regular running shoes. 

No matter how you use your trail running shoes — running in the mountains, jumping over plants, rocks and stones, wading through mud and water, or just weaving in and out of the forest — the lifespan of your shoes depends on a range of factors. The quality of your shoe, traction, terrain, frequency of use, and running style are all factors that put pressure on your shoes. These are the same factors that affect your road shoes. 

If you’re using your trail running shoes for a while and notice a change in your performance, it may be time to replace your shoes. One of the ways to observe wear-and-tear on your shoe is to check your outsole. If you feel yourself slipping a lot more, it means that your outsole has worn out and you’re losing your grip. 

What technologies does PUMA apply in trail running shoes?

We know what it takes to embrace the challenge and train in the great outdoors. Our trail running shoes take the mission of strength and stability seriously. The team at PUMA has been designing trail shoes for years and is developing new technologies to give your feet the best experience. Here’s what we apply in our trail running shoes:

  • NITRO: A lightweight package of advanced nitrogen-injected foam designed to offer improved responsiveness and cushioning 
  • PROFOAMLITE: Incredibly lightweight EVA designed to cushion your landing and propel each step
  • PUMAGRIP ATR: Trail-ready performance rubber compound designed for traction on unstable surfaces

Where can I buy trail running shoes from PUMA?

Each run in the great outdoors is an experience of strength and perseverance. PUMA trail running shoes for men and women are designed so that you can dominate your run, on every terrain, every single time. Shop trail running shoes and trail-inspired fashion from PUMA’s online store or visit a store near you. 

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