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Have you got a little Neymar on your hands? Or perhaps a Nikita Parris? Either way, PUMA has got the gear for your future superstar. Let your kid put their best foot forward with a pair of PUMA football boots. Invest in the best with a stellar pair of PUMA’s - perfect for comfort, safety...

Have you got a little Neymar on your hands? Or perhaps a Nikita Parris? Either way, PUMA has got the gear for your future superstar. Let your kid put their best foot forward with a pair of PUMA football boots. Invest in the best with a stellar pair of PUMA’s - perfect for comfort, safety and style.  

When it comes to the little ones, let their shoes do the talking the next time they are on the field. The outsole is built purely for dynamic motion. This, paired with just the right amount of traction in the base, is exactly what your little champ needs on the field. From backheels to bicycle kicks, PUMA footwear aims to bring stability and consistency to your kid's game, every single time they step onto the field. 

Poetry in motion – all in a pair of PUMA boots 

When shopping for football shoes for your kids, comfort should be your top priority. PUMA boots come with padded tongues and collars as well as cushioned insoles to give your child a safe and comfortable foundation. Check out our collection of kids football boots for a great start to the season!

What football boots do kids need?

As your children begin to learn and understand the game, we at PUMA want to make sure they have all the proper gear to help them succeed. Pair them with a set of fresh PUMA boots and watch them dominate the pitch. 

What types of football boots for kids are there? 

Picking your boots depends on the terrain you’re playing on. PUMA’s range of football boots has been designed to fit your child's needs as a player and provide excellent support on and off the pitch. There are four main types of football boots, each designed for different surfaces: 

Firm Ground (FG)

Firm ground boots are for use on natural grass. The soles of these boots have short, evenly-spaced studs that provide good traction and stability while providing comfort for your child’s feet.  

Artificial Ground (AG)

The studs on artificial grass boots are usually shorter and made of tougher material such as plastic or rubber, allowing players to maintain traction on the synthetic surface without causing discomfort for their heels and toes. The configuration of the studs is often wider and more evenly spread out, providing stability and balance.

Indoor Training and Turf (IT)/(TT)

Indoor training football boots  and turf boots offer specialised features to meet your needs when kicking the ball around indoors. The soles are often made with non-marking materials that can handle various indoor surfaces without damaging them. They also provide optimal grip for quick movements and agility. 

What are the best soccer boots for kids?

For kids, we suggest a pair of versatile PUMA Future Z 4.4s or any of the shoes in the FUZIONFIT+ collection. They make for a balanced game and provide excellent traction and support for explosive play on the pitch. These boots will have your kid running circles around defence. 

Do kids' football boots have studs?

The answer is yes and no. There are studded and non-studded football boots. 


PUMA studded football boots give young players the opportunity to show off their skills on the field. They look great and it makes them want to do their best on the field. At PUMA, we’re not just about looking good - we’re also about stability.  Traction is important because it helps players change direction quickly without slipping and losing their footing. Stability is key because it helps players plant their feet and make powerful shots and tackles 


Our non-studded football boots play on indoor surfaces with the same amount of stability and control as their studded counterparts. 

Do PUMA kids' football boots run small?

Each PUMA shoe style is distinct and has a size that will fit your child’s feet. We recommend taking a look at our comprehensive size guide before making your purchase. Alternatively, you can walk into any of our stores and try on the boot to ensure you have the right fit. This way you can make sure that your child has the most comfortable experience ripping it up on the field. 

Should kids football boots be a size bigger?

There are pros and cons to buying kids' football boots a size bigger. On the one hand, they'll be able to use the boots for longer and won't need a new pair as often. On the other hand, if the boots are too big, they could be uncomfortable and cause blisters. Additionally, if they are not the right fit, there is an increased chance of leg injuries like twisted ankles and stubbed toes. 

So, what's the verdict? Our advice is to buy kid's football boots that fit snugly but comfortably. They should have enough room to wiggle their toes but not so much room that the boots are slipping off.  Check out our size charts or visit one of our stores to find your child the perfect pair of boots.  

Lightning on the pitch with PUMA

The Ultra-fast TPU SpeedUnit technology is revolutionised technology that is infused into the outer soles of our PUMA football boot. The Ultra 4.4 FG’s are made with SpeedUnit outsole and running spikes that make the unit much lighter and more flexible, which in turn supports faster speed and performance. Perfect for those important games on the field. 

Casual carnage with FUZIONFIT+

PUMA’s in-house adaptive compression tech helps you lock in on those toe punts.  By adapting to the shape of your feet, you can be sure every game with these football boots will sweep your opponents off their feet. Our patented FUZIONFIT+ technology allows us to create shoes that are specifically tailored to each individual's foot shape, providing a snug, comfortable fit that's perfect for any activity. 

A must-have for those everyday practice games that polish your craft, our patented FUZIONFIT+ technology gives us the ability to design a shoe that supports a match-winning performance. 

Whether their soccer boots have PUMA’s FUZIONFIT+ technology or the Ultra-fast TPU SpeedUnit, you can be sure your kid is packing a pair of boots that will support a winning performance. 

What gear does my kid need for the football season? 

While shoes are a must-have for the season, make sure the rest of your kid's gear is preparing them for a ripper of a game. Kit them out with some of PUMA’s essentials. 

Safety comes first, so your first kit item should be a pair of ULTRA flex-sleeve football shin guards. They are highly recommended thanks to their high-impact softshell that protects the shins, all while being lightweight and comfortable for your child.  

Now let’s pair some of that safety with style. Have them ready for the pitch in this AC Milan youth jersey. Thanks to PUMA’s dryCELL technology, the t-shirt absorbs sweat quickly. This allows the kids to focus on the game and look great at the same time. Another great addition to keep cool and stay flexible would be a pair of soft and comfy shorts.  

Bring your child in for a fitting before the season begins and get them ramped up for the exciting game of football. Find your closest store today and let your kid dominate the game with PUMA.

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