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Prep for your next run with the right pair of women’s running shoes. With maximum cushioning to hug your feet for tough runs, get more out of each and every run. PUMA’s running shoes for women are designed with features that make you want to get ready and get out on the track every day. Join...

Prep for your next run with the right pair of women’s running shoes. With maximum cushioning to hug your feet for tough runs, get more out of each and every run. PUMA’s running shoes for women are designed with features that make you want to get ready and get out on the track every day.

Join the PUMA’s RUN FOR HER Motto With NITRO

The NITRO collection of women’s running shoes provides a nitro boost for runners. The thin rubber outsole paired with the lightweight nitrogen-injected NITRO Elite foam midsole makes your steps smoother, firmer, and faster. The Deviate NITRO Elite Fireglow Running Shoes is your perfect pair to help smash your personal best. Whether you are running on the pavement or uphill, the PUMAGRIP rubber compound maintains your performance and speed with all-surface traction. 

The XX Nitro Women's Running Shoes is another favourite, designed with the perfect women’s fit! Narrow and cushioned at the heels with NITRO midsole, the XX NITRO collection supports your feet like no other with its RUNGUIDE firm rim. Its low boot construction makes it an excellent fit for all runners, including women with flatter feet. Flaunt your running footwear with the PUMA logo on the tongue, toe, and formstrip as you make a run for your goals. 

If you are a fan of lighter-weight running shoes, the Magnify NITRO Women's Running Shoes is for you. The inclusion of CMEVA, PUMA's compression-moulded EVA material, makes running your personal best a walk in the park. It also comes with a TPU heel piece for improved reflectivity and stability so that you embody confidence in every step. Ready? Get set? Go! 

What Are The Best Running Shoes For Women?

PUMA’s running shoes are lined with an advanced foam technology to make sure each and every step you take is smooth and supported. The cushioning along with the footstrike RUNGUIDE makes the shoes fit correctly around your feet, aligning them to the centre of the shoes to give you the support to run far beyond your comfort zone. 

For women who like to run, there is no question about what truly matters when choosing your running shoes. Stability, support, comfort, and style. That is what PUMA focuses on with the RUN FOR HER motto. Our RUN FOR HER motto inspires the way we go about designing and developing shoes that support and inspire every woman.

The XX NITRO Women's Running Shoes are designed for strong and determined women like you. With PUMAGRIP high-traction rubber outsole and NITRO Foam midsole, these shoes provide ideal support for long strides. Their ability to absorb impact makes them popular as women’s running shoes, as does their cool aesthetics and the variety of colours available. The PUMA Cat Logo at the tongue and at the toe adds to the style of these streamlined shoes. Love the vibe. Love the stride as you go.

What Are The Best Women’s Running Shoes For Flat Feet?

Let nothing slow you down. If you have flat feet, you must be aware of the pain that comes with wearing the wrong shoes that do not match the shape of your feet. With PUMA’s running shoes that have added stability and support, each step you take will be a motivator to take another. 

PUMA’s Eternity Nitro Women's Running Shoes feature a TPU heel clip and RUNGUIDE that keep your feet even and aligned as you run. The mid foot wrap integrated into the engineered mesh adds extra comfort to make your run effective and focused, sparing you of the pain that comes with a wrongly fitted pair of running shoes. Lightweight cushioning is important for a runner, and NITRO Foam provides superior responsiveness and impact absorption. Go far, go fast, and get ahead with the right pair of running shoes for flat feet.

Another excellent choice of running shoes for flat feet is the Better Foam Xterra Running Shoes which come with a low boot silhouette to keep your feet grounded and stable as you go. However, you may prefer something flatter, like the Enzo 2 Women's Running Shoes in black which are an undeniable pleasure to the eyes and to the feet with their clamshell construction and webbing loops on eyestay. The pair provides amazing support with the low boot minus the worry of the laces coming undone. A good run depends on your feet feeling good, so feel good with PUMA’s shoes.

What Is The Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Running Shoes?

Although men's and women's running shoes may look similar, there are a few key differences between them. An easy difference to spot is the width. Women's shoes tend to be narrower than men's, with a snugger fit around the heel. Additionally, women's shoes often have more cushioning in the forefoot and heel areas to account for the fact that women tend to strike the ground with their heel at a shallower angle than men when they run. Furthermore, women's running shoes generally have a higher arch support to accommodate the higher curves in most women’s feet. While these differences may seem minor, they can actually make a big difference in terms of comfort and performance when running. As such, it's important to choose the right shoe for your own individual needs.

Where To Buy PUMA Women’s Running Shoes?

Strong women make strong choices for themselves, and that includes picking the right pair of shoes to support their feet as they strive to reach their fitness goals. Pick the right pair to match your style from PUMA’s online store or visit a store near you. The great news is that we offer Australia-wide free shipping for orders over $100, and free returns if your pair doesn’t fit or meet your expectations. Stay stress-free shopping with PUMA.

PUMA’s running shoes for women are designed to provide utmost comfort and support with advanced technology to make each stride count. Browse through our hottest styles to place your order now.

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