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When it comes to football boots, the PUMA name needs no introduction. Steeped in history, some of the greatest goals of all time came off a PUMA-designed football boot (Think Diego Maradona's 'Goal of the Century'). Since 1950, PUMA has been making waves in the football world with innovative designs and a passion that still...

When it comes to football boots, the PUMA name needs no introduction. Steeped in history, some of the greatest goals of all time came off a PUMA-designed football boot (Think Diego Maradona's 'Goal of the Century'). Since 1950, PUMA has been making waves in the football world with innovative designs and a passion that still carries us to this day. 

We've got a huge lineup to choose from. Each boot is the product of countless hours of designing, testing and perfecting our formula to create a vessel for sporting brilliance. Take your game to the highest heights with PUMA. Choose from our FUTURE, ULTRA and the modern classic PUMA King lines. Available in Mixed Soft Ground, Firm Ground/Artificial Ground and Indoor variants.

We don't settle for second. Get to every ball first in a pair of men's football boots from PUMA. One percenters are part of the game. In a close match where margins are slim and points are in the balance, you need the boots to help you dominate the pitch. The word 'football' is associated with a variety of sports, no matter what football means to you; PUMA is dedicated to providing all players with performance footwear to help take your game further.

What is special about football boots?

The thing about our football boots is, they're like the supercars of footwear. They're a combination of all of the most highly researched aspects of shoe design. Made to be as light as possible, to provide the highest level of grip possible and to be the most controllable shoe when faced with the task of kicking a ball. It's not an easy task to get right. Football players know what they want and make no concessions in letting us know what is needed. But at PUMA, we embrace the challenge and harness all that we've learnt in over 70 years of football boot design to create boots that are perfect for the task.

Modern football boots are special in part because of the technologies used in their production. More recently, football boots have begun to combine the classic boot shape with a knitted upper to deliver a greater sense of feeling for the ball. PUMA's FUZIONFIT technology is a perfect example of what is possible in a football boot. Where the uninhibited comfort of a sock is moulded with the utility of a studded boot.

What football boots do most players wear?

PUMA footballers are a different breed of individuals. Each with unique traits that set their game apart. As a result, it wouldn't make sense to have one boot worn by everyone. That's why we make several styles, with each one being ideal for a certain type of player. Here's a brief overview of which PUMA boot will work best:

If speed is your weapon.

They can't tackle you if they can't catch you. If you're the type of player with lightning in your feet, and you're not afraid to use it; the PUMA ULTRA football boots are the perfect match. These boots know what they're about. Engineered to be lighter than a feather with a focus on agility and quick turns of pace. The defence won't know what hit 'em.

Cool. Calm. Collected.

For the player with eyes on the back of their head. If vision is more than just a tool then PUMA has the perfect boot for you. These boots are the best friend of a pass master. The use of PUMA's FUZIONFIT technology gives these boots a snug feeling like no other. Coupled with their Advanced Creator Zones that use textured surfaces to grip the ball as it's struck.

No nonsense.

"Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is." The famous quote; coined by Johan Cruyff, is one that also serves as a great summary of the PUMA King boots. Sure, it may be simple to build a boot. But to build a boot that has stood the test of time and is still a favourite among players, even over 50 years later? Now that is PUMA. Well-rounded players will identify with this football boot. Just as Johan Cruyff, one of the most well-rounded footballers to ever play the beautiful game did.

What boots do Australian Football players wear?

Australian Football is a game unlike any other. The unique set of rules and strategies of the game are pulled from all different kinds of sports and yet, no sport is quite alike to it. Australian Football players have a wide variety of choices available to them, but there are many aspects of PUMA football boots that have made them a common choice of players. All PUMA boots are made of advanced materials that make them durable and versatile across all sports. As long as it's PUMA, you can't go wrong.

How long do football boots take to break in?

While some people may find that their boots feel great from the first wear, others may need some time to get used to them. The best way to break in your new football boots is to just keep wearing them. The more you play in them, the more comfortable they will become. Just like with anything else, it takes time and practice to get perfect. Generally, if a boot isn't quite right just yet, it will mould to your foot within three to four uses.

Football boots are an essential part of any player's kit. Due to modern innovations such as FUZIONFIT+, boots are taking less time to break in due to the softer materials that mould to your foot for a snug fit.

Do football boots affect performance?

Football boots have a crucial role to play for any player, there's no doubt about it. But the football boot exists in order to accentuate the individual qualities of the player, not to play the game for them. A good pair of football boots will ideally help you control the ball easier, reduce the weight on your feet and give you the most grip possible on the pitch. You'll still need to score the goals though.

Why are football boots so thin?

PUMA is Forever Faster, and the lighter our boots are; the easier it is for our athletes to outsprint their opponents. In football, milliseconds count. Our lightest football boot, not just in our lineup but anywhere, is the ULTRA Match+ LL FG/AG. This boot is bred for speed, but don't be fooled; we haven't skipped on durability or comfort. The ultra-lightweight woven upper and sockliner provide a smooth ride for your feet as well.

Can running shoes be used for football?

Of course! Football is one of the most accessible sports in the world. You can play it in bare feet if you want to. But would we recommend that? No. Would that help you to play your best in an actual match? Definitely not. If you're serious about your performance, we'd definitely suggest grabbing yourself some proper football boots.

Why do football boots have studs?

It's all about grip really. The studs of a boot allow it to grip the grass surface with far more traction than a flat-soled shoe ever could. The introduction of studs to football boots and their continued development has allowed football players to accomplish more on the field than was possible beforehand. PUMA stocks different types of studded boots. Our soft ground boots are made for those muddy, winter days where grip comes at a premium. They use a combination of short studs as well as longer metal ones to dig deeper into the ground. PUMA's firm ground/artificial ground variants have more studs overall, but they are shallower and spread across the sole.

How tight should football boots be?

This is really down to personal preference and will change from one player to another. In any case, the boots should not be so tight that you feel any pain. It's not a bad idea to choose a pair that are on the tighter side, as there is a period of stretching where the boot moulds to your foot. Too loose and the boot will slip around your foot during acute direction changes which is a near certainty to cause blisters during extended use.

What football boots are best for strikers?

It takes a certain kind of player to excel at the striker role on a football pitch. Time and space both come at a premium. The ball is often received under intense pressure from opposing defenders. Your team are relying on you to provide the vital end product to all of their efforts in defence and the midfield. There's more than one way to be a great striker, but one thing they all share is complete confidence in the boots they're playing in. While there are no rules to what shoes you can wear as a striker, many of PUMA's most prolific attackers choose to wear the PUMA ULTRA boots as their weapon of choice. Players like Kingsley Coman, Antoinne Griezmann and Christian Pulisic all put their faith in the ULTRA's for the lightweight construction and agile feeling of these boots.

No matter the game, the occasion or the pressure. If you're looking to make your mark, make it while wearing PUMA football boots. Check out our range and find yourself the perfect pair for you today.

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