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Elevate your style with Mayze. This stand-out silhouette is bold and edgy, with a stacked sole and dynamic, layered tooling. Our boldest platform shoe is also available in statement stack style - a super-sized sole that fashion-forward women will love. If you prefer extra height without the heel, the Mayze Wedge elevates you in total comfort. Whether you choose the classic Mayze, chunky Mayze Stack or the brand new Mayze Wedge style, maximum style points are guaranteed.

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42 Products
Mayze Glam Women's Sneakers 4065454862112 A$ 170.00
Mayze Glam Women's Sneakers 4099683080412 A$ 170.00
Mayze Stack Luxe Women's Sneakers 4099683396377 A$ 190.00
Mayze Stack Luxe Women's Sneakers 4099683396063 A$ 190.00
Mayze Mix Women's Sneakers 4099683266526 A$ 160.00
Mayze Mix Women's Sneakers 4065454912541 A$ 170.00
Mayze Crashed PRM Women's Sneakers 4099683082669 A$ 170.00